Housemade Waffle & Ice Cream


Housemade Waffle, with vanilla ice cream, whip cream &
Chocolate Drizzle ... And a splash of 100 %
Canadian Maple Syrup

Lemon Burst


A burst of Lemon Crumble, set on shortbread crust, caramel and toasted coconut shavings, crumbled & topped with Crafted Chocolate Drizzle ... with vanilla ice cream

Triple Berry Crumble


A Decadent Baked Infusion of Raspberry, Black Berry & Blueberry, topped with Whip Cream, Strawberry Drizzle & Vanilla Ice Cream

Ultimate Cheese Cake


Classic Crafted Vanilla Cheese Cake, choice of crafted drizzle : strawberry, chocolate, caramel drizzle, topped with whip cream ... and vanilla ice cream

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