Hand Heldz

All Served With Choice of Fries or Side Salad Upgrade to Side Poutine $3

True North Hoagie


Our AAA Smoked Brisket, set on housemade slaw, roasted red pepper, drizzled with signature Smokey BBQ

BBQ Chicken Melt


Housemade slaw, topped with chicken breast, melted cheese & Crispy Onion, drizzled with Signature Sweet BBQ

Smoked Sausage

$11 3/4

Our Smoked, then BBQ’d Sausage, set on a Large Soft Bun, with housemade slaw, topped with caramelized onions & drizzled with Signature Hot BBQ or Sweet BBQ

BBQ Pulled Pork

$11 3/4

Tender BBQ Pulled Pork, Set on a Round soft bun, with Crispy Onions, Pickles & Drizzled in Signature Sweet BBQ

Chicken Caesar Wrap


Grilled chicken breast Set in Romaine Lettuce, Smoked Bacon, tossed in Creamy Caesar Dressing & Dusted with Fresh Parm

Buffalo Chicken Caesar Wrap


Breaded chicken breast tossed in Buffalo Sauce, Set in Romaine Lettuce, Smoked Bacon, tossed in Creamy Caesar Dressing & Dusted with Fresh Parm

Thai Chicken Caesar Wrap


Breaded Chicken breast tossed in Sweet Thai Heat, set in Romaine Lettuce, Frersh Parm, Smoked Bacon Bits in Creamy Caesar Dressing

The C L U B Wrap


Chicken, Lettuce, Under Bacon .... tomato, onion, shredded cheese & drizzled in Crafted Buttermilk Ranch

Double Whammy 


A smoked sausage, set on a long bun, topped with BBQ Pulled Pork, crispy onions, caramelized onions & Signature Sweet BBQ

Brunch Sando


Crafted House Made Waffles as your Bun ... with two buttermilk breaded chicken fingers, tossed in Maple BBQ, topped with smoked bacon & cheddar cheese ... with a drizzle of 100% Maple Syrup

Buffalo CHicken Wrap


Breaded Buttermilk Chicken Breast, tossed in Crafted Buffalo, set on Crafted Creamy Ranch, Large Portion of Blended Cheeses, Tomato, Onion & Jalapeno. 

A Massive Taco


A Massive Soft Taco, Ice Burg Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sweet Corn, Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream & Choice of : Brisket, BBQ Pulled Pork or Grilled Chicken Breast .... The Gourmet Taco for Taco Lovers

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