Add Your Side
Fries or Side Salad $3
Side Poutine $4.95
Side Caesar $4.00

True North Hoagie


Our AAA Smoked Brisket, set on housemade slaw, roasted red pepper, drizzled with signature Smokey BBQ

Canadian Sausage


Our Smoked, then Grilled  Sausage, melted cheese, Carm Onions, Drizzled with Signature Maple BBQ

Add Banana Peppers $0.75

Gourmet Caesar Wrap


Set in Romaine Lettuce, Smoked Bacon, tossed in Creamy Caesar Dressing & Dusted with Fresh Parm

Add Grilled Chicken $2.00
Add Breaded Chicken $2.00
Add Breaded Thai Chicken $3.00
Add Breaded Buffalo Chicken $3.00

CDN C L U B Wrap


Chicken, Lettuce, Under Bacon .... tomato, onion, shredded cheese & drizzled in Crafted Buttermilk Ranch

Smoked Brisket Wrap


AAA Smoked Brisket, Ice Burg Lettuce, Smokey Ranch, Tomato and Shredded Cheese

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